1 Jul 2014

HARPS MLS Qualifies Additional Vessels on NCDMB Report

HARPS Marine and Logistics Services Limited (MLS) has maintained an “AA” rating on the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) Vendor Categorization Report published every quarterly.


As HARPS MLS has taken delivery of two additional AHTS, these vessels have been qualified and included in the latest report published on the third quarter of 2014. The increase in fleet size follows a dedicated plan to slowly build the company into a professional offshore marine operator in Nigeria and in West Africa.  Besides these AHTS, there are also plans to bring in additional crewboats, security boats, line handling terminal tugs, and bigger size AHTS in the next few years.

HARPS Group will continue to grow the fleet and expertise in a careful manner, so as to ensure that the company can provide excellent services to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.