28 Feb 2015

HARPS MLS Provides Anchor Handling Services in Chevron Escravos Field

HARPS Marine and Logistics Services Limited (MLS) has been awarded 5 months contracts for MLS Saratu and MLS Alexie to provide services to the KH-A1 Accommodation Crane Barge owned by a Nigerian subcontractor of Chevron Nigeria. The work scope is to provide anchor handling support to the KH-A1 barge, as well as standby duties to the barge and other surfers working on the field. The work field is located on Chevron Escravos Field in Nigeria.

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HARPS MLS is delighted to have secured this opportunity to work on the Chevron Escravos Field, and believes that this is a good stepping stone for her young fleet to show their mettle to the International Oil Companies (IOCs) in Nigeria. As HARPS expands her fleet and operations, the company will continue to secure quality vessels and provide good support to Chevron and other IOCs regionally.