HARPS Marine is part of a private investment firm with a global presence. Established in 2012, we look to become the bridge between Africa and the world for other companies.

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HARPS Marine is part of the HARPS Group. HARPS Group is a private investment firm with a global presence in Switzerland, Mauritius, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, China, and Singapore. The group is involved in Energy, Property, Marine, Financial Services, and Bio Medical Products. Our investments are managed via our corporate vehicles based in the geographical location of the investment.

Our greatest asset is our people. We firmly believe that our people forms the foundation of our success. The wealth of knowledge coupled with excellent sector experience ensures a sustainable foothold in our key industries. With businesses across various sectors and in multiple geographic locations, corporate governance and accountability are strong tenets of our management.

We are able to provide support to African companies that want to reach out of Africa to the rest of the world. We are also able to provide assistance to international companies that are looking for a way to break into Africa. Basically, we see ourselves as the bridge into and out of Africa for other businesses.

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H.A.R Petroleum Services Limited was first established in 1999 in the United Kingdom. The company was focused on supply and distribution of petroleum products into West Africa. Thereafter, the company was renamed as HARPS UK Ltd for better corporate branding, and HARPS Holding Nigeria Limited was incorporated to house the businesses in Nigeria. Over the last fifteen years, the group has grown and diversified into various sectors.

Due to our involvements in the petroleum industry, we took the natural step to set up a marine division in 2012. The Marine Division is headquartered in Singapore, and we have additional teams in Lagos, Calabar, and Accra. Our team in Lagos provides the local support and is able to assist with the operational and technical requirements of our fleet in West Africa.

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Vision, Mission
and Values

To be the bridge between Africa and the world.

We are committed to be a flexible organization that provides innovative solutions to international businesses that want to work in the African business landscape, and to African businesses that want to reach out to the world.

Integrity – Our word is our bond. We stand by our words. We will honor an agreement strike by the hand shake, and if we promise something, we will deliver.

Innovation – We think out of the box. We provide unique solutions to any problems. We will always provide a solution that is tailored to each particular issue.

Flexibility – We are open to new ideas and technologies. We do not have a standard operating procedure, nor do we always rest on the best practices in the world. We will in fact look to improve the best practices.

Efficiency – We maximize our productivity to the fullest possible extent. We aim to achieve the most with the least amount of resources utilized for every project.